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Commissions open!

Thank you for considering me!


All prices in eur

Prices may vary depending on complexity of the commission!

half body25€35€55€
full body35€50€80€

Simple colour/gradient/simple pattern backgrounds will be included in colour pieces unless you specify you want a white or transparent background!☆Extra characters are half the base price!☆☆Detailed backgrounds for colored pieces start at €15!☆☆Patrons get a 20% discount on all regular commissions!☆☆OTHER TYPES OF COMMISSIONS☆☆CHIBI PRICING☆
€30 per character
€15 for an icon
€120 per page
If I feel like something is beyond my ability, I’ll try to work something out with you to see what’s doable! Additionally, if you'd like to commission me for something that is not listed here, feel free to ask me about it and I can quote you a price :)

rules and terms

☆ fanart☆ proship stuff
☆ OCs and self inserts☆ furries
☆ ship art (oc/oc, selfship, fanart, etc. is all OK!)☆ nsfw/porn (artistic nudity OK)
☆ real people (no RPF)☆ anything I'm uncomfortable with

I'm down for pretty much anything, be it OCs, self-inserts, fandom characters, or anything else, just ask me about it! All I ask is that you send me reference material for characters I'm unfamiliar with. If you're unsure about something, you can just ask me; I don't mind answering any questions you have :>

I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason. Please be understanding and don't harass me about this.


☆ Payment is upfront and exclusive to Paypal. For pieces over 80€ I am willing to take half upfront and half after the piece is done.I retain full rights to the commissioned work, including the right to make prints and merchandise. The additional charge for image rights can be negotiated.☆ I retain the right to display any and all commissioned work on any personal website, gallery, or journal/blog or as part of a portfolio. I am also not obligated to post your commission to any of the above.You retain all rights to your respective character(s). This does not allow you rights to the commissioned image.You may not use the commissioned piece for AI.You may not mint the commissioned piece as an NFT.☆ You may create up to five (5) prints for personal use (display in your home or as gifts). You may also resize or crop the artwork to create icons, wallpapers, or other graphics to be used in non-commercial digital format, but you cannot alter the artwork itself, nor can another artist, this includes partially created work.☆You may upload the artwork to your personal website or gallery, but credit is required, and it must not be any un-watermarked version of the artwork.☆ You may not profit from the artwork beyond the resale of a physical original painting or drawing. This includes the sale of the digital files, or rights to the image.☆I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason.☆Any and all personal information/details (ergo names, emails, paypal accounts, addresses, postal/zip codes, ages, religious beliefs, etc.) on my customers that I receive will not be sent to third parties or added to mailing lists.☆ Any and all personal information/details on my customers that I receive will only be used for our business transactions, and not for anything else.


commission form

Message me (DM if it’s a simple commission, e-mail me at [email protected] [NB: NOT MY PAYPAL] if not) about what type of piece you want (ex. full body lineart), how many characters (if they’re OC’s, please send references, faceclaims, character descriptions, etc.; note that any specifics not provided are up to my discretion), and optionally a pose, clothing, or palette. The easiest way to do so would be to fill in this form:Your (nick)name:
To know who I'm working with!
Commission type:
For example, full-body illustration.
Extra elements:
For example, 1 additional character.
Visual references and/or detailed description. Be as detailed as you can; it not only helps me, but also assures you get what you're looking for! Moodboards, description of personality, color palettes, face claims, stick figure examples of the pose; they're all helpful!
Email for invoicing:
To know where to send the invoice.
Does the art need to be finished by a specific date?


Once we’ve agreed on what kind of piece it will be and on the price, I will send you an invoice. Please do not send payment beforehand.I will start as soon as I have been paid in full, and (if you’ve chosen lineart/colored) when I’m done with the initial sketch, I will send you a watermarked version of what I have so far. Should you for whatever reason want to cancel your commission you will get a full refund at that point, any time later and you will not get a refund at all due to the time I have already spent on your commission.Once I'm done with the lineart I will send you another watermarked version of what I have so far. When I’m done with the entire piece, I will send you a watermarked version of the artwork, as well as a high-res un-watermarked version.
Feel free to ask for progress on your commission at any time, I am not a super fast worker, but I will get back to you ASAP. Should I not have responded to you after 48 hours, please resend your question/inquiry/other.

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